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Pure Cow Butter Ghee is another highly valued product which is manufactured by us. It is exclusively made from the fresh cow’s milk. Pure Cow Butter Ghee which we supply for our clients will be 100% pure and will have no preservatives or anything added to it. Pure Cow Butter Ghee we supply for the customers is purely automated and machine manufactured. We believe in supplying only the best and the most hygienic butter ghee for our customers. It is untouched by human and is processed through strictly automated processes. Pure Cow Butter Ghee we supply will have a pleasant look and will give off a rich appetizing aroma which last for a long time. Indulge in the best Pure Cow Butter Ghee by ordering from us today. We are the most reliable suppliers of the Pure Cow Butter Ghee. So, just order today. It is available for our customers as they would like to. Just do let us know of how you require and we will deliver it to you on time you prescribe.

Product characteristics

Milk fat min. 99.8%
Moisture max. 0.2%
Typical melting point 32-34°C
Natural and versatile ingredient
Delicious flavour and taste
Extended microbiological shelf life compared to butter
Salt-free, lactose-free alternative to hydrogenated cooking oils
Great source of vitamins A, D, E and K
Sweets and pastries (bakhlava)
Frying, cooking and baking (meat, fish, vegetables and sweet preparations)
Packaging information
Small food grade cans of 1 lb up to 2 kg
Square-sized food grade cans of 15 kgs up to 21 kg
Food grade drums of 200 kg net